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#7: SVM, Optimization

    Oct 5, 2021 06:08 PM
    Dual Form Solution, Kernel Trick, Hinge Loss

    Logistic Regression Review

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    Multi-Class Classification

    Use Logistic Regression models to classify classes

    Likelihood for a Single Sample (Softmax Function)

    The softmax function is a function that turns a vector of real values into a vector of real values that sum to 1.

    Likelihood of the Data

    Loss Function (Cross-Entropy Loss)

    • value of output to the j-th

    The Perceptron Model

    Bias pushes the hyperplane toward the decision boundary
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    Support Vector Machine

    Seeks large margin separator to improve generalization
    • Largest margin: farthest from the 2 classes
    Uses optimization to find efficient and optimal solutions
    Uses kernel trick to make computations efficient specially in cases where the feature vectors is huge
    • Projects data to a high-dimensional space
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    Output (labels):
    Bias (Intercept):

    Functional Margin

    Large margin → correct prediction & high confidence
    Functional margin of a single training sample w.r.t.
    • If then for to be large we need
    • If the for to be large we need
    Note that when the above is true, the prediction is also correct:


    Normalize the parameters to ensure without affecting the solution
    • is invariant under scaling
    • is not invariant under scaling

    Geometric Margin

    Distance of from the hyperplane

    Property 1

    Unit vector hyper-plane
    • For lying on the hyper-plane

    Property 2

    For any points on the hyper-plane we have

    Property 3

    Signed distance between any point to the hyper-plane is given by
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    Geometric Margin of a Particular Class

    Geometric Margin of Both Classes

    • A scaled version of Functional Margin
    • invariant to scaling of parameters

    Geometric Margin for the Data Set

    Distance to the closest point of either of the classes

    Maximum Margin Classifiers

    Maximize the distance to the closest point of either of the classes
    • Discards other points, only care about the closest
    Assumption: is linearly separable

    Constrained Optimization Problem

    1. Geometric margin ≥ : Make sure all points are further than → then maximize
    1. imposed to ensure Functional Margin = Geometric Margin
        • simplifies equation
        • L-2 norm
    Simplify: Use Functional Margin Instead
    • Remove constraint
    • Modify Objective to
    • (scaling constraint on )

    1️⃣ Primer SVM Problem Statement

    Goes directly for the
    Simplified from the definition above
    • Convex quadratic optimization with linear constraints

    Optimization Overview

    Unconstrained Optimization

    Constrained Optimization

    Equality constraint ↔️ 2x inequality constraint

    Inequality Constraint

    Equality Constraint

    Lagrangian Multiplier

    Reduces a problem with variables with constraints to an unconstrained problem of variables
    1. Introduce a to each constraint
    1. Compute the linear combination of multipliers & constraints
    1. Optimize the wrt ↔️ evaluating at
    If satisfies all the constraints
    Solution to is the same as

    Dual Problem Statement

    A reduction of the primer problem
    • always true
    • sometimes true under certain conditions

    Conditions for

    1. are convex
    1. is affine/linear:
    1. strictly possible:


    satisfying the KKT conditions
    • solves the primal problem
    • solves the dual problem

    KKT (Karush-Kuhn-Tucker) Conditions

    Complementarity Condition ➡️ ➡️ constraint is active

    2️⃣ Dual SVM Problem Statement

    The Lagrangian is Given By

    KKT Conditions

    Dual formulation


    Understanding the Constraints

    ➡️ Either or
    The hyperplane is defined by only the few closest data points
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    Predictions with SVMs

    Naïve Approach

    Compute ; assign class +1 if positive, class -1 if negative

    Better Approach




    When Linear Separability Does Not Exist

    All constraints are violated
    ⇒ Geometric margin loses its meaning

    Solution 1: Find s.t. min # of constraints are violated

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    ⇒ NP-Hard Problem

    Solution 2: Minimize Slack Penalty

    If functional margin is ≥ 1, the no penalty
    If functional margin is < 1, then pay linear penalty
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    Hinge Loss

    This is the tightest convex upper bound of the intractable 0/1 loss
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    same sign ⇒ correct classification ⇒
    different sign ⇒ incorrect classification ⇒


    If then you have to separate the data ⇒ linearly separable solution only
    If then completely ignore the data
    Optimization over Hinge Loss with an regularization term

    Loss Functions

    Understanding loss functions : Hinge loss | by Kunal Chowdhury | Analytics Vidhya | Medium
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